Publicado a 26 Apr. 2016, em Actualidade

Campanha de compra de Camélias para Monserrate

After the first camellias arrived due to the generosity of our Members, we can once more announce the arrival of new and rare specimen. These will be arriving from China, Vietnam, Korea and Taiwan. The first of this second lot will be in Monserrate in October. 

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Publicado a 22 Mar. 2016, em Jardim

Já chegaram as primeiras camélias

Plant Description

A truly stunning cerise pink semi-double bloom edged in red with golden stamens and a slight fragrance. Truly outstanding cut flower. Dense semi-weeping habit and glossy, dark green foliage produces an exceptional evergreen for foundation planting and backgrounds. Mid season bloomer. Evergreen.

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Publicado a 03 Feb. 2014, em Editorial

Monserrate is and will continue to be a factory of dreams

It nourished disquieted, as well as romantic, spirits. It materialized ideals of beauty and perfect scenarios for the thoughts of those that designed this heritage jewel, which is no longer only ours, to fly.

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Publicado a 26 Apr. 2012, em Editorial

About "Histories of Monserrate"

Dear colleagues; dear friends of Monserrate; dear friends of the friends here present:


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Publicado a 30 Nov. 2011, em Associação Amigos de Monserrate

A Christmas Poem

From Paulo Lowndes Marques little Christmas books, a poem:


And is it true? And is it true

This most tremendous tale of all,

Seen in a stained glass window's hue

A baby in a ox's stall?

The maker of the stars and sea

Became a child on earth for me?


John Betjeman (1906-1984)



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